/toːn/ /klaːs/

Herentals, Belgium


Toon Claes is a software developer born in Belgium in 1985. He attended the University college in Geel and graduated in 2008 with a Master of Science in Electronics—ICT.

In his first professional years, he was active as a C & C++ developer building an embedded GNU/Linux outdoor payment terminal. Later he moved toward web and mobile doing consultancy work. Until present, he's active building software at GitLab.

Toon has a huge interest in mechanical keyboards. With already having spent hundreds of euros on different keyboards, he is still browsing around on /r/mk searching for the perfect “end game” keyboard.

Another hobby of Toon is his favorite editor: GNU Emacs. He is actively following the mailing list and regularly updates his personal configuration.

Org mode is one of the favorite Emacs packages Toon uses for whatever's possible. So he's also keeping up with their mailing list. And the blog posts he occasionally writes at writepermission.com are also published with Org mode.

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If you want to know which tools Toon uses, check out the /uses page.

You can find more of these pages at uses.tech.

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